Bonhams Last Auction Of The Year Results In A Nice Twist For Blue Diamond Earrings.

On December 8, 2019, Bonhams Held its last major Jewelry auction for the year in New York.

I found 2 items to be of interest ( 1 sold while the other failed to meet the minimum price).

The first item is the 2.46 carat, Fancy Pink-Purple diamond with an SI1 clarity. The GIA report is 6177519321. It was valued between $350k to $550k and ended up going home as it did not meet the minimum value.

2.46 Carat, Fancy Pink-Purple Diamond Ring Image Credit: Bonhams

The other item that was sold, was the Blue diamond earrings. One of the diamonds was a 1.81 carat, Fancy Intense Blue Diamond with a VS1 clarity, Marquise shape. The GIA certificate was 5111789083. The other diamond was a 1.62 carat, Oval shape, Fancy Blue and a VVS2 clarity and a GIA certificate 5191234527. It was estimated to sell for $850k to $1.3 million. 

1.81 and 1.62 Carat, Blue Diamonds Image Credit: Bonhams

The pair of earrings ended up selling for $1,280,075, just under the high estimate, showing strong prices for these rare diamonds at a time when colorless diamond prices continue to decline.


The 1.62 carat, Fancy Blue Diamond with a VVS2 clarity, having a GIA certificate 5111789083, has been re-polished and upgraded to a 1.55 carat, Fancy Intense Blue Diamond with a VVS2 clarity. The GIA certificate remains the same. This upgrade suggests that the buyer was a professional dealer that knew what the potential of the diamond was. Most likely, all those that reviewed the diamond and who knew what the potential was, bid based on the potential rather than actual state at the time of auction.

We look forward to report future auction results.

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