Christie’s Geneva Auction Sells Exceptional Moussaieff Blue Diamond

By the end of the evening sales figures came in at CHF55,263,250

The top lot of the auction was the exceptional Moussaeiff Blue diamond. It was a 7.03 carat, Fancy Deep Blue Diamond with a VVS2 clarity. It was valued at CHF 10 million to CHF 14 million and ended up selling for CHF 11,625,000 (we will consider the exchange rate to be 1 for 1 for the purpose of the article, but the official exchange rate that day was 1 CHF to 1.0074 USD).

The Stone had a remarkable color, and was sold for $1.65 million per carat. Where did this beautiful diamond come from? I will write an exclusive article about this and another 36 blue diamonds in 2020…

The 7.03 carat, Fancy Deep Blue Diamond by Moussaieff
Image Credit: Christie’s

The second highest valued Fancy Color Diamond sold was the 32.49 carat, Fancy Light Purplish Pink Diamond, with a VS2 clarity, GIA 2181741920. It was valued between $1.7 million and $2.2 million but ended up selling for $2,535,000 or $78k per carat. The only potential upgrade here would be the clarity, otherwise we would have seen a higher bidding ware on this item.

The 32.49 carat, Fancy LightPurplish Pink Diamond
Image Credit: Christie’s

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