Fancy Color Diamonds Are Magnificent Works of Art

The world is so replete with incredible objects of beauty that it is almost impossible to choose a favorite from among them. Human nature is unique because we are defined by our passions, and every person under the sun is drawn to something or another because it suits their specific tastes and preferences above all else. While some people may prefer a certain kind of music, another may prefer to visit or collect incredible works of art. Still others may be drawn to pastoral nature, or beautiful buildings. However, one special category of stirring passion is jewels and gems. Nothing in the world compares to the feeling when a jewel that you truly admire catches the light and glimmers in its perfection. Whether they are set solo to allow the gem to star, or set in an intricately designed setting to magically display their art, diamonds and gemstones are beautiful to behold.

Is a Diamond Like a Famous Painting?

Our specialty is diamonds as an investment, recommending and advising funds, institutions, and private individuals as to which fancy color diamonds would best suit their portfolios. Our category is so often compared to works of art that we decided to list why this is indeed the case.

No Two Diamonds Are Alike

Just like there is only one of every important work of art, there is only one of every fancy color diamond that has ever been mined. Even if two very similar fancy color diamonds are paired, their characteristics will never be exactly the same. This is because diamonds are natural. Since it is nature that forms them, the possibilities of chance determine how the diamond will finally look. Many phenomena are attributed to the cause of color in diamonds, and many of them can occur simultaneously. That is how every diamond receives its unique characteristics. In the same way, no two paintings by Pablo Picasso are the same. Every painting is valuable and beautiful in its own right, and even if two paintings have similarities, no two original paintings are the same. This fact, both for diamonds and for artwork, is important because it establishes the factor of rarity in the object. When only one of something can ever be obtained, it is valued by the market in kind. That is not easily attributed to any asset, and is one important quality of both of these assets.

There is a Diamond to Suit Everyone

Fancy color diamonds appear in every possible color imaginable due to the fact that they appear primarily in all of the colors of the natural spectrum, and most of the colors can also have secondary and even tertiary coloring. If you prefer one color over another, chances are that the color that you like can be obtained. This is how the popularity of pink diamonds grew, to the ultimate effect of pink diamonds’ status as an important investment diamond color. So many women demanded pink diamonds that their price and value rose enormously and it continues to rise annually. Similarly, not all artists suit every eye. However, everyone can find an artist that they prefer the most. Differing amounts of demand for that artist or that diamond color may attribute different value to your preference, but the popularity of your preference will be the ultimate determinant.

Diamonds as Alternative Investments

A few assets in the investment world have the distinguished qualification of an alternative investment, including fine wines, luxury watches and vehicles, real estate, timber, and land. Fancy color diamonds are alternative investments as well, as their growth in value and wealth concentration have afforded them incredible ROI over the last decades. Many works of art are considered alternative investments as well. Depending on the artist, many paintings, sculptures and other artworks have been bought and sold for significant profits over the last decades. In this way, fancy color diamonds (of certain colors) and artworks are extremely similar – one that you may have bought in the mid twentieth century would now be worth many times over if you sold it today.

Worth Millions of Dollars

It is well known that a single painting can be worth millions of dollars (just consider the value of the Mona Lisa), and a diamond the size of a dime can be worth millions as well. Both assets are known for their wealth concentration, the value of wealth in just one gram of the item. However, not all paintings and certainly not all diamonds are created equal, so one can easily acquire an artwork or a painting that is not so valuable, relatively speaking. In both instances, they need to be bought with the assistance of an expert to be sure that you are acquiring the genuine article and a sensible purchase. However, if done correctly, an investment of this magnitude is excellent for wealth concentration and adding to a portfolio.

Not only are diamonds and artworks similar because of their inherent beauty, they have many other important characteristics in common. Perhaps that is why diamonds have long been incorporated into the curated collections of some of the most important museums. A museum will never idly choose to display anything, especially if it is so costly to protect. There is a careful consideration process where museum curators determine the justification of any one selection. It comes as no surprise that diamonds have been on display for a century, including the Hope Diamond in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.


olympia collection

The Olympia Collection by Scarselli Diamonds, formerly on display at the American Museum of Natural History


the splendour of diamonds exhibit

The Splendour of Diamonds, a special exhibit at the National Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.

The De Beers Millennium Jewel Collection

The 11 blue diamonds of the De Beers Millennium Jewel Collection,

on display in London in the year 2000 to celebrate the turn of the century


lj west argyle diamond exhibit

Diamonds, Rare Brilliance by LJ West Diamonds, on display Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County


The emotions and passions that diamonds and artworks stir are not the only important characteristics that they have in common. Both are enduring pieces of history that gain value over the centuries, and their rarity adds even more to their worth. Diamonds as collectible art investments do not suit everyone, however, it is a very lucrative opportunity when it is the right fit. Just make sure that you are trusting a reliable and responsible advisor for your needs and desires.

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