The Diamond Investment & Intelligence Center (DICE) to launch Diamond Investment Guide (DIG)

The world of natural color diamonds can be very confusing to newcomers and seasoned diamantaires alike. After countless requests for a definitive guide, the Diamond Investment & Intelligence Center (DICE) has decided to compose a first of its kind Diamond Investment Guide (DIG) for various investor types. In this guide, DICE will be exploring the world of fancy color diamonds and how to build an appropriate Diamond Investment Portfolio (DIP), for private individuals & UHNWIs to institutions desiring to create a financial product backed by the physical assets. A guide like this does not exist yet on earth as the diamond industry is famously opaque, and it will be extraordinarily eye opening for thousands of readers who would not have access to material like this otherwise.


A preview of the color wheel guide for fancy color diamonds in the DICE DIG


The Guide is designed for everyone and offers many layers of beginners and advanced information for its readers. It covers educational material about fancy color diamonds, their origins, and their historical significance, especially in the context of historical pricing. The guide discusses and explains the 27 various hues of fancy color diamonds as well as the numerous tones and saturations that are categorized according to the field leader the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This is to educate about what these diamonds actually are and how to classify them. It also delves into what constitutes an “investment grade diamond”, as well as what constitutes a “collector’s grade diamond”, concepts that have never before been clarified in writing for the public. The guide will also cover the rarest of colorless diamonds that can also be considered as an investment grade diamond, a concept that is often misunderstood and misquoted and very much requires clarification for the investment world. Finally, the most significant part of this guide is the fact that it is not comprised of long, boring texts, but will mostly be presented via interactive and graphical representations, which will be easy to understand by any reader.



A preview of the guide to pink diamond hue, tone, and saturation



A preview of the guide to blue diamond hue, tone, and saturation



A preview of the guide to yellow diamond hue, tone, and saturation


Currently, we estimate the launch of the “Diamond Investment Guide” will take place during the first quarter of 2016. To be advised of its release, please sign up and mention DIG in the message section.

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