What Are the Colors of Fancy Diamonds?

Fancy Color Diamonds come in 12 colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Violet, Pink, Black, Gray, Brown and White. According to some, Chameleon diamonds and Colorless diamonds are also considered colors, bringing the total number to 14 colors.

Fancy Color Diamonds are not the colorless diamonds with which most people are familiar. While colorless diamonds have been the most popular for centuries, more and more people are hearing about fancy color diamonds and taking a lot of interest. As you probably already know, diamonds are formed when kimberlite deposits are caught in volcanic eruptions and brought close to the Earth’s surface. When a foreign element is present during this process, such as radiation, or boron, or nitrogen, for example, the diamond’s carbon structure is changed and the foreign element becomes included. This process results in color in the body of the diamond.

Fancy color diamonds guide for the 27 hues by DICE

All of the colors in which fancy color diamonds appear


Each color is caused by something unique, and in the cases of certain colors, the cause of the color in the diamond is still unknown. Red and pink diamonds are theorized to be caused by intense pressure that the diamond undergoes during formation. Yellow and brown diamonds are caused by the inclusion of nitrogen. Green diamonds are caused by radiation during the diamond’s formation. Blue diamonds are caused by the inclusion of boron. Black diamonds are caused by an infinite number of scratches inside the diamond and Gray diamonds are caused by the inclusion of hydrogen in the diamond. Certain phenomena happen more commonly than others, causing those colors to occur more frequently in nature than others. For example, yellow and brown diamonds form much more than red or pink diamonds.


Color Intensity

The classification of color in diamonds is not limited to the name of its color or colors. Diamonds of the same color can still look different because of the intensity in which the color appears.


There are 12 colors of fancy color diamonds, but it is also possible for diamonds to exhibit more than one color. The “over-tones” in diamond color are the colors which modify the main color of the diamond, which are the secondary colors and occasionally there is even a tertiary color. The color or colors of a diamond are denoted in the diamond’s name. For example, a diamond can be Orangy Yellow or Purplish Pink, or just Yellow or Pink, depending on what colors are present. Interestingly, it is more common to find diamonds in the rare colors (red, pink, and blue) with a secondary color to them than to find them in a pure color.


The “tone” of a fancy color diamond is defined as the relative differences in light and dark in the color of the diamond.

The different tones are:

Very Light, Light, Medium Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark, Very Dark


The “saturation” is defined as the strength and the depth of the diamond’s color.

The different saturations are:

Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep, Fancy Dark

Together, tone and saturation are used to described diamond color in a combined intensity grade from the following scale:

Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep, Fancy Dark


Blue Diamonds tone and saturation grades

The differences between tone and saturation and their effect on the color in the diamond

Fancy Diamonds

What are fancy diamonds? Are fancy diamonds different than fancy color diamonds? Fancy diamonds are not what most people think that they are. The correct definition of fancy diamonds is diamonds that are cut into shapes other than round brilliant. This term is generally reserved for colorless diamonds as it would not make sense for an oval shaped pink diamond to be called a ‘fancy fancy color diamond’. However, since most people are not familiar with this nuance, they refer to fancy color diamonds colloquially as fancy diamonds. Should you choose to use this term with a diamond retailer or dealer, be careful to use the term correctly so that they understand what you are requesting.

What are the colors of fancy diamonds?

Fancy diamonds can occur in any color, that is, diamonds of any shape can occur in any color. This means that any diamond color can occur in any shape, all you need to do is search for the color and the shape that you want. If you were not wondering something so specific – then yes, diamonds can occur in any color under the sun, and sometimes in multiple colors. Happy diamond hunting!

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