Diamond Investment Lawsuit & Litigation Services

Various forms of Diamond investment frauds have become more common in recent years due to glorious auction results and news media frenzy, including various claims of cryptocurrencies backed by diamonds. In partnership with various Law Firms across the world, we offer our services to help you pursue those individuals or companies that have mislead you and that have caused you various losses.

Diamond Ownership Authentication

One of the many challenges in diamond acquisition aspects for investors to navigate is ensuring that they are buying the diamond from the actual owner and not a removed party. The reality is that as the internet has become such a powerful tool for buying and trading, connecting people faster than ever, people can mistakenly have the impression that we know who is on the other end of the line. It has become apparent to us that on many occasions, investors & collectors get information about a specific potential diamond acquisition from several sources, and each source claims ownership of the stone. Such confusing communication ultimately causes the investor & collector to doubt the ownership of the diamond and therefore a loss of the financial trust for both sides of the transaction. Diamond Investment & Intelligence Center (DICE), with our expansive network of diamond dealers and traders, has decided to offer a new safety service to investors and collectors to verify the ownership of the target acquisition diamond, and authenticate the diamond’s ownership. With this information securely in place, investors and collectors can feel secure that they are acquiring the diamond from the correct party and that they can trust that the transaction is safe and guaranteed. To us, this service is paramount because people who are unfamiliar with the buying process need to be certain that their purchase is completely real and secure, and that is something that we can easily guarantee for you.

Concierge Services

The Diamond Investment & Intelligence Center (DICE) now offers Diamond Acquisition Concierge Services to its clients. Up to now, DICE would refer its clients to the various Dealers and Manufacturers within the diamond industry. We can now help assess, inspect, negotiate and acquire a diamond on behalf of a client, thus freeing up time for the client. The most desired feature in our services is discretion; some of our more affluent clients prefer to remain anonymous.

Diamond Collection Management Services

Managing a diamond collection & investment portfolio can be complex and challenging. From acquisition, to valuation, transportation, storage, insurance, tax implication, exhibition and eventual disposition, generational transferring or philanthropy there are many integral part of owning such one-of-a-kind beauties.

Our Diamond Collection Management Services, supported by a global network of independent service providers such as storage facilities, leading transportation facilitators, insurance appraisers, and exhibition experts helps us provide collectors and investors alike with a reliable fiduciary service via our in house customized inventory & tracking system. We provide the highest level of discretion, care and efficiency.

We can also advise on the best way to maximize value of your diamond collection and investment portfolio by re-assessing and valuing a portfolio on a regular basis, and helping you decide on the best disposition and re-balancing methods available on the market, from auction houses to private transactions to public online trading platforms.

We also help provide diamond re-financing by making your diamond collection and investment portfolio work for you to create further growth and enhance ROI, while maintaining balance risk and security.

Diamond Sale & Disposition Service

Diamond Investment & Intelligence Center (DICE) now helps diamond collectors and investors find the best route to market, meaning selling or disposing of their diamond or diamond collection. We work on behalf of the seller only and charge a low disposition fee. There is no buyer’s premium with DICE! By doing so DICE significantly increases the net return to our diamond collectors and investors relative to traditional routes.

Diamond Works

Diamond Investment & Intelligence Center (DICE) now facilitates financing to diamond collectors and investors; we help collateralise your diamonds. Your loan is based solely upon your diamonds, not upon your income. This service will help you free up cash to invest in other projects, investments or use at your discretion. Allow your diamonds to work for you!

Seminars & Conference

DICE has proudly participated in various conferences as a guest speaker for Alternative Investment vehicles. The greater the Diamond education of the broader investment advisory community, the more they can help their clients make better diamond portfolio acquisitions, whilst managing risks on a strategic level. DICE also offers private seminars to individual companies.

Private Consultation

By the end of 2014, there were more than 211 000 High Net Worth Individual (HNWI).As a global economies slow and traditional financial markets grow uncertain, HNWI are looking for innovative ways to safeguard their wealth and grow it on a long term basis. Most HNWI are turning to alternative investment vehicles like hard assets. Arts,rare musical instruments, vintage and rare cars, and of course, diamonds, are rare real and alternative investments. They are also known as passion investments.


Because there is an emotional connection with the asset, which is very normal reaction. DICE will ensure that the individual does not make decisions besed solely on emotions, by providing the in-depth research and experience needed to make informed decisions.

Family Offices

It is not known how many offices exist in the current market ,but how do we know that the number increases daily. As the need for professional wealth management grows, HNWI are looking for Multi-Farty Offices(MFO) that will properly manage their assets and investments across a varied spectrum. They expect these offices to give them a competitive edge over their peers.The larger MFO(Multi Family Office) will have their own speciality offices to manage specific assets for their clients, such as Art.

One such MFO is the newly merged Stonehage and Fleming Family & Partners. The newly combined firm manages over $40 billion on half of over 350 families, making it largest MFO in Europe. They have a department focused solely on their clients’ Art investments, yet they do not have an office focused on managing Diamond investments. In fact no MFO Offers this kind of dedicated and active management of Diamonds to date.

DICE is able to offer a solution: Helping Family Offices manage Diamond investments for their clients. Every Family Office client receives a tailor made custom plan, suited to their specific needs and requirements.

Financial Institutions & Investment Funds

Over the last 25-30 years there have been many attempts by larger investment institutions to create an investment vehicle to invest directly or indirectly in the diamond industry. Some have managed to do so via public mining companies, while others have done so by investing in public, brand name luxury companies.

There are funds that claim to have invested in the real asset, but the majority of attempts have failed for one simple reason: the diamond industry and the investment community want different things. The diamond industry believes in discretion, whilst the investment community desires transparency.

DICE serves as a bridge between the two worlds. We help financial institutions and investment funds understand how the diamond trading world works, showing them how to successfully invest in the real asset. We also facilitate the acquisitions, deposition,and the crucial evaluation of the asset.However, this is just the beginning of what we are able to offer.

We help investment funds with monthly reporting to their unit holders, along with reporting on the overall direction of the industry. We offer research analysis and data relating to the financial performance and appreciation of investment grade diamonds. From mine all the way to market, we provide a thorough market analysis as well as a fully independent analysis of diamond prices on the market.

Not For Profit Organizations

Over the years, NFPOs have attracted donations from donors and philanthropists, most prominently in the form cash and real estate. With real assets now gaining increased value, NFPOs are seeking works of art, diamonds, and rare musical instruments. But how can they attract more donations like this? And how do they evaluate them accurately?

Educational Institutions

Most Universities have an endowment Fund, but only a handful of institutions are well funded. As the educational landscape advances, institutions will need greater funding in order to keep up. Diamonds are a great way to fund future developments on a strategic level. Even institutions with substantial endowment funds would be wise to use this real asset as a part of their diversification.

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