Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Not So Magnificent This December

December 8 will not be remembered to be that special when Christie’s will be offering a single unique Fancy Color Diamond item compared to the long list of rare ones presented by Sotheby’s.

The only piece worth mentioning is the pair of earrings with the 2.61 carat Fancy Intense Purplish Pink (Internally Flawless and GIA 2185147584) along with the 2.34 carat Fancy Intense Pink (VVS2 and GIA 5181147562) diamonds. The pair of earrings are valued between $1.2 million and $2.2 million or $242.4k to $444.4k per carat. The low end fo the valuation seems more reasonable for an average Fancy Intense Pink Diamond. even if we consider this pair to be rare because it is a pair, and even if if we take into account that both are of a rare clarity each, it still does not justify the high end valuation of $444.4k per carat on average. The fact that the spread is so high should be something alarming.

2.61 carat Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Internally Flawless and 2.34 carat Fancy Intense Pink VVS2
Image Credit: Christie’s

Let’s see what happens on December 8 in New York and the following day, December 9 at the Sotheby’s auction….

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