Scarselli Delighted With Chow Tai Fook Rarest Acquisition Ever

During the recent September Diamond Trade show in Hong Kong (September 13-17, 2016), I caught up with Bruno Scarselli to follow up on his successful sale of the 5.03 carat, Fancy Vivid green Diamond, named The Aurora Green Diamond.

the aurora green diamond ringThe 5.03 carat, Fancy Vivid Green Diamond “The Aurora Green Diamond” sold by Scarselli        Image Credit: Christie’s


A full 4 months have gone by since the sale occurred on May 31st, and Scarselli has given me a better understanding of the unique acquisition made by Chow Tai Fook. Here is what Bruno had to say:

“We are so very happy that a company well known to us and the world, Chow Tai Fook, was the final bidder of this exquisite gem. While the pages of the auction houses are filled with genuine beauty of equally outstanding vivid pink and blue diamonds, it is no doubt in our mind that the best acquisition has been executed by Chow Tai Fook. Scarselli Continued with the following comment: ”time will tell”…. well time did prove itself correct with nearly 10 years of Lab scrutiny of gem like type at GIA that The Aurora Green Diamond was the largest ever graded Fancy Vivid Green, whereas, Fancy Vivid Pinks and Fancy Vivid Blues of greater sizes seems to be “plentiful”, in comparison, when it comes to rarity…


chow tai fook 1One of Chow Tai Fook upscale Show room displaying unique Jewelrey       Image Credit: Chow Tai Fook


Scarselli finished by adding: “It is my understanding that Chow Tai Fook acquired this very unique and special gem for their own pleasure and private collection, recognizing value and long lasting appreciation. I wish Chow Tai Fook all the very best and ownership joy for their exquisite acquisition”.



The new Scarselli Identity Design revealed during the June and September shows in Hong Kong

Image Credit: Diamond Investment & Intelligence Center


Since we announced the successful sale by Scarselli back on July 4th, the company continues on to work on their new Brand Identity look. The Company has a new Booth look, as well as a new Brochure presenting the company, and its historical legacy along with some of the unique pieces they have introduced to the world in the last 40 years or so. Within a few short weeks a new website will be launched as well.


The new Scarselli Booth Design revealed during the June and September shows in Hong Kong

Image Credit: Diamond Investment & Intelligence Center


Chow Tai Fook was established in 1929. The company operates over 2300 stores in over 500 cities around Asia, with almost USD$4.1 billion in sales in fiscal 2016. It has been listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange since 2011. It has acquired the Hearts on Fire Brand in 2014, and has exclusive partnership with the Argyle mine in Australia.


chow tai fook management

The Chow Tai Fook Team celebrating their 85th Anniversary back in 2014        Image Credit: Chow Tai Fook


There are a few more important auctions before the end of the year, and we are looking forward to sharing with you our thoughts and opinions. Feel free to share yours with us, right here.

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