Where can I learn about diamonds? GIA, NCDIA, IDEX, FCRF, Rapaport, Diamond Pro…

The internet has become a very powerful tool and search engine, both for quick education on the go or even in the comfort of your home. These days, the internet would be the first stop for people to search about almost anything, and chances are the very first stop would be Google.

It is quite standard that websites selling diamonds will have a section dedicated to educating the visitor about diamonds, about the 4c’s, and about jewelry. A new trend has surfaced among some online diamond sellers to dedicate a page to discussing diamond investment. Most sellers touch upon the subject lightly, just to be able to say that they have a section talking about it. But there not many, if even one, that really concentrates on diamond investing like we do, right here.
I was asked many times by various people where they can read more about the diamonds and about the industry, from experts in their own domain who speak their ‘language’… and the answer is that it is quite easy to find!

It all depends. 

If you want to learn about the technical aspects and characteristics of diamonds, GIA would be the place to read. What about fancy color diamonds? My natural answer would be the NCDIA. Independent news outlets would be IDEX and especially Rapaport, one of the oldest institutions that covers the industry. An interesting new/old player in the fancy color diamonds arena and analyzer of the value of fancy color diamonds would be the recently created FCRF. And lastly, if you want to consult somebody that has experience, who worked in the industry, and for the last few years had set out the goal of helping as many people as possible to choose the right ring or jewelry piece within the right budget, and who provides an independent but true opinion, you’d want The Diamond Pro. Below is a short summary of each of these sources just described.



GIA logo            Image credit: GIA

Who they are: grading laboratory and research foundation

Website: www.gia.edu

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the world’s leading authority on diamonds, colored stones and pearls. It was established in 1931 as a non- profit organization by Robert M. Shipley. It is also the leading educational institution in the field, as tens of thousands of individuals have enrolled in the various educational courses given by the GIA in their various campuses around the world. The majority of these individuals earn the coveted GG designation. The GIA is also the foremost research center for diamonds, color stones and pearls and is well known for discovering new gemological information as well as learning about new methods of diamond stimulants and synthetics. The GIA exists first and foremost to protect consumers by informing the public of any new development in the industry, as well as to maintain consistency between all the various grading labs that they manage globally.



NCDIA logo            Image credit: NCDIA

Who they are: Fancy Color Diamond education organization

Website: www.ncdia.com

The NCDIA is a non for profit organization that operates with the singular goal to educate the global community about color diamonds. The members of this organization are various participants from the value chain – from mining companies to diamond polishers and diamond traders to retail stores. In short, it is the complementary association to the GIA, with a concentration in color diamonds.



IDEX logo            Image credit: IDEX

Who they are: online diamond trading platform

Website: www.idexonline.com

IDEX, also known as the International Diamond Exchange, is a leading online trading platform for various trade entities that are dealing in the diamond industry, mainly of the major global trading floors of Antwerp, Mumbai, Tel Aviv, and New York. It helps clears transactions between dealers but is also a leader in information circulation about the industry via its proprietary magazine called IDEX.



FCRF logo            Image credit: FCRF

Who they are: Fancy Color Diamonds Research Foundation

Website: www.fcresearch.org

The Fancy Color research Foundation (FCRF) was established with the goal of helping the wholesale and retail segments of the fancy color diamond industry. By promoting transparency and fair trade dealing principles as well as a high standard of ethics, they aim to shed light on the least focused aspect of the diamond industry, fancy color diamonds. It is a non- profit organization providing educational support and offers 3 main proprietary digital tools: The FCD pricing index, the FCD rarity calculator and the FCD stone comparison tool. The FCRF donates a portion of its income to the Make A Wish Foundation.



Rapaport logo            Image credit: Rapaport

Who they are: online diamond trading and diamond news platform

Website: www.diamonds.net

The Rapaport Group was established in 1976 and is comprised of over 20,000 clients in 118 countries. It provides support and news about the diamond industry to the industry’s various participants. It also provides a trading platform, RAPNET, where various dealers can present their inventory to other dealers around the world. It is also the pioneer of the famous Rapaport Price List which had started as a personal project and became the industry’s standard price list by which traders and retailers follow alike. By late 2015, it had over 1.25 million stones listed with an $8 billion value available for trading on RAPNET. It also publishes a monthly magazine called Rapaport to distribute to clients and diamond enthusiasts around the globe.

Diamond Pro

diamond pro

The Diamond Pro logo            Image credit: The Diamond Pro

Who they are: Leading online diamond consultants

Website: www.diamonds.pro

The Diamond Pro was established by industry veterans to help consumers find the perfect diamonds and diamond jewelry for the budget and needs. Having worked for one of the global leaders in diamonds and having high level training and overall knowledge about the industry and about diamonds, the Diamond Pro has used his expertise to help thousands of consumers save thousands of dollars by giving them true and honest opinions and advice about the diamonds that they are looking at.

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