Bonham’s will offer a rare Blue Diamond at its Hong Kong rare jewels & Jadeite

June is right around the corner, and there is no stop in seeing rare and unique fancy color diamonds at auctions.

At Bonham’s Hong Kong Rare Jewels and Jadeite, among some very exquisite and unique pieces of jewellery I fell on three very special Fancy Color Diamonds.

below are the three diamonds in order of the auction presentation:

Fancy Intense Green Diamond

Green, being one of the rarest colors available, is showing up at Bonham’s. This rare, 1.24 carat, Fancy Intense Green Diamond with a typical SI1 clarity for a green diamond, is surrounded by pink & colorless diamonds. It is currently valued at a total of $120k to $170k or $97k to $137k. Although it is an SI1 clarity, it has a clean table, and it has no fluorescence.
1.24 fancy intense green bonhams

The 1.24 carat Fancy Intense Green SI1 diamond ring     Image credit: Bonham’s


Fancy Pink Diamond

A unique 3.05 carat, Fancy Pink with a VS2 clarity and no fluorescence. It is currently valued at $1 million to $1.3 million or $328k to $426k. The current record for such a size diamond is $209k per carat paid for a 3.03 carat Fancy Pink Diamond with the same VS2 clarity. It was a fancy pink sold on April 19, 2016 at the Sotheby’s New York auction. The current estimation is quite ambitious. The highest price paid at auction for any pink diamond is $366k per carat paid for a 12.45 carat Fancy Purplish Pink VS2 clarity during the same April 19, 2016 Sotheby’s auction in New York. Let’s see if we have a new record on the horizon. Also, let’s remember that we have a handful of Fancy Pink Diamonds being offered at Sotheby’s Geneva Tomorrow, May 17, 2016.


3.05 fancy pink bonhams

The 3.05 carat Fancy Pink VS2 diamond ring     Image credit: Bonham’s


3.03 carat Fancy Pink VS2 pear shaped diamond ring

The 3.03 carat Fancy Pink VS2 diamond ring     Image credit: Sotheby’s


12.45 carat Fancy Purplish Pink VS2 diamond

The 12.45 carat Fancy Purplish Pink VS2 diamond     Image credit: Sotheby’s


Fancy Intense Blue Diamond

The most unique Fancy Color Diamond to be offered at this auction, is a 3.04 carat, Fancy Intense Blue diamond and a VS2 clarity. The ring is signed Scott West, from the famous LJ West Diamonds company in New York, that was officially founded by Larry J West in the late 1970’s, but has its roots that goes back five decades and three generations to Scott’s grand father, Max.

The ring is currently valued at $2.2 million to $2.6 million or $724k to $855k per carat. The current record for a 3-5 carat Fancy Intense Blue diamond is $1.011 million per carat, but the record for any Fancy Intense Blue diamond is still held by the now Famous 1.74 carat, round brilliant Diamond that set the record at $1.106 million per carat. This record can still be broken before the 3.04 carat hits the auction block as three other Fancy Intense Bleu diamonds are available on both May 17 and 18 in Geneva by Sotheby’s and Christie’s respectively.


3.04 FIB Bonhams

The 3.04 carat Fancy Intense Blue VS2 diamond ring     Image credit: Bonham’s


1.74 fvb

The 1.74 carat Fancy Intense Blue VVS1 diamond ring     Image credit: Christie’s


We will continue to report the results after the auction.

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